Keeping your feet warm since 1996.

Production Line 


The success of our products is due to the use of the best yarns. We use only high quality Oeko-Tex certified cotton and lycra yarns. Our customers have the option to choose many different yarn types such as; natural, synthetic, metallic, organic, regenerated and recycled.  We usually produce from organic cotton, mercerised, cashmere mix, mool mix, viscose, acrylic, bamboo, lurex, tencel, Invista Coolmax®, Invista Thermolite® and Invista Lycra® etc.


With our high-tech knitting machines and professional production team and account managers, we give our clients the best support and customer service. Our machines are single cylinder knitting machines from Lonati, a worldwide known company for the production of knitting socks

In our knitting department, we moslty use following machines;

  • 96 needles (4+1 colour)
  • 108 needles (4+1 colour)
  • 120 needles (5+1 colour)
  • 132 needles (5+1 colour)
  • 144 needles (5+1 colour)
  • 156 needles (6+1 colour) 
  • 168 needles (6+1 colour) 
  • 200 needles (6+1 colour)


Just recently we added a new embroidery machine to our production line in order to increase our service for embroidery needs.

We are able to apply embroidery to all patterns up to 12 colors. In addition to socks, we are able to process all kinds of textiles items  including  but not limited to tshirts, hats, gloves, bags, linens etc…


We also accomodate a teasel raising machine within our premises  to produce fluffy cosy socks which protect the feet in cold weather.